Xavier Maffre

Ceramist - Potter

Since the origin of the world clay has been present everywhere.
Since the origin of humanity clay has been present in all cultures.
Since clay is a material that never ceases to stimulate man’s imagination.
Since my childhood, my hands have always enjoyed the feel of clay; soft, robust, sensual...
Since the idea of making objects, useful or not, came to me.
Since I had these encounters and discovered the transformation of clay by fire.
Since I built a wood-fired kiln.
Since I became a CERAMIST


Xavier Maffre (born in 1967), Ceramist/Potter, invites you to come and discover “Poterie de la Passiflore”, a unique space of its type, being at the same time both a boutique and a working studio. Situated in one of the most beautiful villages in France "AUBETERRE sur DRONNE" .
Opening hours
10am to 6pm
Every day

or by appointment
tel: +00 33 (0)5 45 98 62 71
mob: +00 33 (0)7 60 59 33 83

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Studio - Throwing Pots

The studio is housed in an old stable. It is here that the majority of pieces are made with local clay using a potter’s wheel.
Having discovered pottery under the guidance of a retired “archaeologist/potter”, the forms, the colours and the materials used in ancient ceramics have all been an influence on my own work; simple objects and utilitarian piece

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Studio – Rope tower

Tournage a cordeThis ancient method, used throughout the Mediterranean basin, consists of modelling with soft clay onto a tower, the pottery is formed on an interior shell that can be taken apart, made out of wood and wound around with rope. After a period of drying time, the wooden shell, as well as the rope, is removed from the interior to allow the piece to dry completely

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Anagama, the dragon kiln

A monster straight from the bowels of the earth and belching flames...

The anagama kiln was developed over thousands of years and subsequently refined over another thousand years. Firing the clay in a wood-fired kiln, traditionally intended for the production of pottery for everyday use, has today become a tool of expression for the artist. For the ceramist, firing the clay in a wood-fired kiln gives a unique beauty to the pieces...

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Xavier Maffre
33 Rue Saint Jean
16390 Aubeterre sur Dronne

Tel: +00 33 (0)5 45 98 62 71

Email: info@xaviermaffre.com


A tour of the ceramic world: www.ceramique.com
Access to the world of ceramics: www.smart2000.fr

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